Jess here, I’m the creator of the Buyers Guide to Builders.

My inspiration to create the guide came from my own personal experience, which is why I love helping other people to successfully navigate the process of developing a profitable project and avoiding all the expensive mistakes!

Having worked in Real Estate since 2007, I registered my land sales company Josh Develop in 2009 and secured startup funding of $25k.

Initially I bought seven blocks of land in Springfield Lakes and began consulting with builders to find the right product - ensuring sustainable items like solar panels, water tanks, natural light and insulation were key to their design and to my overall vision for the projects.

Little did I know how complicated and confusing things can be - especially when you add in the sustainability elements.

Yet I ended up finishing nine projects in total with a combined value of $4.09 million!

It was SO challenging yet very enjoyable; I learned more than I could ever have imagined along the way and it was incredibly rewarding when it was all done.

I come across people all the time, who want to build or renovate a property and are totally overwhelmed by the process and where to begin, often starting out hoping they’ll figure it out as they go, but then running into all sorts of issues they didn’t foresee.

All this stress and wasted money because they just didn’t know what to ask or how to find the right answers.

It pains me to see people struggling when I know I can help, so I created the program based on my own first-hand experience and leveraged my industry connections to make sure I can get you directly connected.

Having experiencing the construction of my own nine homes in three years, I know I’ve got a unique and valuable perspective to share with anyone thinking about building and I’m excited about helping other people successfully navigate the process in a less stressful more profitable way.

Wishing you the very best of luck on your building and investing journey.

I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn and hear all about it (or help if you have a question).

PS - In addition to my hands-on experience and industry background I’m also

> The founder & Managing Director of Josh Develop
> Executive Committee, Treasurer, Australian Green Development Forum
> Property Council of Australia, Residential Committee Board - Queensland
> A fully licensed Real Estate Agent
> A qualified workplace Training and Assessor
> A Business Sustainability Assessor
> Studies in Bachelor of Professional Communications (Multimedia & Journalism), CQU.

So I know for sure that if anyone can help you navigate this process successfully, I can!

Look forward to connecting.


After having helped so many people over the years in person and through this series, I’ve come to understand there are some key areas that most people struggle with.