Winter Solstice Festival – Northey Street City Farm
June 13, 2017
August Masterclass
August 30, 2017

What an amazing month of June in the community, meeting people from the Northside to the Southside of Brisbane. 

I was lucky enough to be involved in two community events and speak at the Green Heart Fair in Chermside run by Brisbane City Council and Northey Street Winter Solstice Festival run by Northey Street City Farm.

Two considerably different audiences I must say. Covering topics: Value Add for a Sustainable Home, Free Methods Towards Higher Energy Ratings and Return on Investment.

The Green Heart Fair was so inspiring as people were very much in challenge mode, with no real guide to practical applications of sustainable construction. Here I received the most interest in the masterclass as community members found the mini sessions rewarding and left wanting more.

Northey St Winter Solstice was an eye opener. Community members were doing projects or had done projects and we talked retrospective and improvements. Surprisingly i also had two lots of tenants approach me about what they were doing off their own back to make the house more comfortable to live, where the retrofit could be dismantled at the end of the lease. Imagine as landlord if you installed simple, low cost solutions just as the tenants are doing, and attract a greater rental return as result (alleviating the cost upon the tenant), kind of a no brainer wouldnt you agree?

6th August looks set to be the first masterclass for the new sustainability series, so Save the Date & keep an eye out for the details soon!

Great meeting you all! Thank you for your amazing feedback and support!


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